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All of the scaffold boards produced by Caspian in its bespoke manufacturing plant are produced in line with BS 2482:2009 under an ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance system.



Caspian scaffold board timber is premium European Whitewood or to give it its botanical name Picea abies, known throughout the industry as the most suitable and best quality timber to use in the production of scaffold boards.

Tried and trusted

All our timber is sourced from tried and trusted European mills, based mainly in Germany and Austria. We only use mills who have a proven track record of supply and quality, thereby giving our customers the best product available on the market.

Chain of Custody

Our PEFC Chain of Custody accreditation means that we have full traceability of all the timber we use. Every shipment that arrives with us is allocated a unique batch number which is then attached to the pack. This then allows us to trace each scaffold board as far back as the forest which it originated from.


Machine strength tested

Caspian produce two grades of scaffold board, a 1.2m and a 1.5m support centre, both of which are machine strength tested and graded by qualified and audited BSI graders. Our grading machines are calibrated each morning and are assessed bi-annually by BSI to ensure these standards are maintained. The standard lengths of our scaffold boards are 3.9m, 3.0m and 2.4m and with onsite cutting equipment we can also produce boards as short as 0.6m, going down in increments of 300mm.

Embossed endbands

Each Caspian produced scaffold board and batten endbands are embossed with the following information:

  • Support span – 1.2m, 1.5m or 2.5m
  • BS Licence Number – KM564923
  • The British Standard Kitemark
  • MG (machine graded)


Every customer’s requirements are unique and we offer a range of personalisation services to accommodate this, including:

  • Personalised endbands
  • Plain or Personalised plating
  • Branding


Caspian boards can also be fire retardant treated with the following:

  • Euroclass C which is equivalent to Class 1 BS476
  • Euroclass B which is equivalent to Class 0 BS476
Both of the above treatments are fire retardant treatments which are tested and compliant with European Standard EN 13501-1:2007.


User Class 3 Preservative Treatment to European Standard BS EN 335-1

Every Caspian produced scaffold boards is marked with our BSI certification number giving our customers complete confidence in the quality of their scaffold board.


British Standards Institution

BS 2482:2009 Specification for timber scaffold boards
BS 2482 specifies requirements for timber scaffold boards with a width of 225 mm and a thickness of either 38 mm or 63 mm.

It covers board sizing, board construction, and timber quality and grading, for which it specifies:
a) Two grades for 38 mm thick scaffold boards, as follows:
1) 1.2 m support centre – a grade that is suitable for support at centres up to 1.2 m, which may be selected by visual or machine strength grading
2) 1.5 m support centre – a grade that is suitable for support at centres up to 1.5 m, which may only be selected by machine strength grading.

b) A single grade for 63 mm thick scaffold boards that is suitable for support at centres up to 2.5 m, which may be selected by visual or machine strength grading.

Testing for:

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