If you’ve read our history you’ll know that export is how our Company started, it’s in our blood.


40 years experience

With more than 40 years experience of supplying an international market Caspian continues to be unrivalled in the export of scaffold boards and scaffolding supplies. Exporting all over the world remains a key part of our business and we have a dedicated team with years of knowledge of getting our customers products to where they need to be, on time every time. Caspian has shipped to over 35 countries for industries including yacht building, aerospace engineering, pipeline installation, and many, many more. Our team is fluent in the complexities of exporting to Country specific requirements on payload (safety, balance and maximum efficiency), authorisation, certification and documents packs.

Our approach is flexible to suit your Company needs, we can deliver direct to your international site or liaise with your own preferred hauliers.

If we can assist with any of your requirements please do not hesitate to contact us or call us on +44 0330 088 1103.

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